1867 Hockert Catamenial Sack


This appears to be a rubber pouch that is connected to an adjustable length wire (adjusted via a screw on the front) that attaches to a belt worn around the waist.  A string attached to the bottom of the pouch was to aid in removal of the pouch.  The wire was presumably rigid and was to help hold the cup in place.

Full Description
(via Google Patents – OCR text – has errors!) http://www.google.com/patents/US70843)

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Letters Patent No. 70,843, dated November 12, 1867. i


tite rtehule maat tu it ttm rtters tant auch mating pitt; its’ am.


Be -it known that I, S. L. HOGKERT, ofthe city of Chicago, county of Cook, and State of Illinois, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Menstrual Receivers; andI hereby declare that the following is a Y full, clear; and exact description of my invention, reference being had to the accompanying drawings,’forming a part of this specication, and to the letters of reference vmarked thereon.

The nature of my invention consists’in the use of a sack, made of rubber oriany other suitable materials, at the orifice of which is attached a ring made of rubber or any other suitable Substance, which sack and ring are inserted in the vagina, and supported there by a wire, the oe uterz’ resting in the ring. The wire which supports the ring is attached theret’iinmly, and passes down the vagina to its external Orifice, thencein a. curved line to’a’pad, which rests on the lower part oll the abdomen, and this -pad is secured to’the wearer by a belt, which passes around tlo person just, abovethe hips. “i” v To `enable those skilled inthe art to understand, make, and .operate my improvement, I will proceed to describe its construction by reference to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 represents a perspective view of my whole invention.

FigureQ represents a side view of the sack, ring, and wire.

Figure 3 representsa’full view of the ring and its external orifice.

All of the drawings are lettered, and similar. letters denote corresponding parts in the several views.

I construct my menstrual receiver by forming a cup-shaped ring, a, made of rubber, gum, gold, silver, or any suitable substance, which may be maderonnd, or elliptical, or of any shape to t the osuter.’ Around the lower orifice of ring @zig attached a sackr bag, b, made of rubber or any suitable matneals The ring ‘a rests/around the as ‘uter, and the hag’b rests entirely in the vagina, or/maybe made of such length as tdes/t partly outside and partly inside. I insert a smausponge inbag Il to absorb the menstrual iiux. To the’ring a is attached a wire or arm, e, ‘made of silvejor of anyvother suitable substance, and supports ring a and sack? in position. Arm c passes directly downward from the place of its attachment to ring a, along the side of ‘sack b, and on reaching the orifice ofthe vagina curves gradually upwards, asishown i.lig.v2, and passes perpendicularly through projection h, and is there held fas’tIbyt-sc’ch the armbeing kfree to move in a vertical direction when the set-screw is loose. Projection’h is rmly attached to pad e; as shown by iig. 1. Pad e is made of silver, rubber, or any suitable substance, and maybe of any shape to ft the form of the wearer. This pad is attached to belt ff by thread, or in any other conven’ientmanner, and is supported by said belt ff in its place. The belt f j’ is fastened around the waist of the wearer by buckle g. I is a cord attached in any convenient manner to the bottom of sack b, and used for the purpose of enabling the wearer to remove the sack from the vagina with ease.

Having stated the construction and Operation Of my invention, what I claim, is,- .The construction aud combination of ring a, sack l, and arm c, for the purposes and in the manner substantially as hereinbefore shown.

4 I also claim the combination of ring a, sack b, arm c, and cord z’, for the purposes and in the manner as hereinbefore’set forth, or their equivalent. A I i I also claim a combination of ring a, sack 6, agm c, cord t’, pad e, projection c, set-screw d, belt ff, and buckle g,.for the purpose and in the manner’hereinbefore Het forth. Y




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